Ramcharitmanas Institute

Ramcharitmanas Institute was started in 1998 by late Pundit Vishnu Prasad Kashyap to share Ramchartimanas Ramayan teachings for the betterment of the community. The vision of the founder is being continued by his wife Mrs Sarawati Kashyap today through knowledge transfer and forms the essence of all  teachings. The knowledge is shared through weekly classes by experienced teachers using Ramayan, Gita, Purans and other Aras Grants.

The classes are open to all who are genuinely interested in learning about vedic teachings and its practical application today for the betterment of self, own family, and the community.

We welcome you to attend our Tuesday sessions to better understand what we do.

The institute belongs to you, the community, and we welcome you to exert yourself in ways you see ethically and in accordance with vedic ways of achieving our common goals.