Anthestri Kriya

Anthesti Kriya or Death Guidance

According to our vedic Sanatan Dharam the 16th ritual or last ritual of the Sola Sanskar is known as the Anthesti Kriya or Daha Sanskar. Ramcharitmanas Institute was able to run a discussion seminar on this subject on 29th Oct 2014 at Green Valley Library, Green Valley, Sydney with the help of Pdt Narendra Maharaj as the main presenter. Discussion outcome whilst still incomplete due to time is summarised below. Please note that there are still on-going discussion as the subject is complex and as such Ramcharitmanas Instiute is continuing to encrourage dialogue with the community and gyanis to further improve our understanding and arrive at consensus such that people in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji can easily understand and are more willing to follow.

How to Plan for rites, Why Carry out the Rite, What Should one do during Death

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What are suggested Text and readings

Gurada Puran from Gita Press; Chapters 15. This Chapter provides a good outline on process and methodlogy to be followed.
Gita from Gita Press. The entire 18 chapters are recommended text to be read as the information provides substantian knowledge to bereaved family on how best to deal with departed loved ones.
Notes as provided by Pdt Narendra Manharaj on 29th Oct 2014. Please note that this does not include 4 hours of verbal discussion notes which further complements and clarifies statements in the notes.

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