RMCI Youth First Public Ramayan

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RCMI youth conducted a first ever public Ramayan discourse at Shree Ram Krishna temple.

Presenters were Sri Jeshna Singh (dhyan mantr and manglacharan), Sri Sagar Singh(Bhakti), Sri Neale Adhar (Naudha bhakti 1st 4) and Sri Sristi Naiker (Naudha bhakti 5 to 7th). Music was provided by Sr Kamol Sharma and Sri Abhisek. Sri Yogeeta Kashyap sange two beautiful bhajan. Overall content and discourse direction was guided by then youth teacher Sri Chandra Kishore.

The Ramayan was conducted in English and Hindi and the feedback received from the public was summarised as a resounding success. Everybody were impressed with clarity, depth, knowledge and practical application examples given by the youngsters who were aged 14 to 24.

RCMI classes for 2014 will start on 6th Feb and welcomes people from all walks of life who are interested in learning our vedic teachings and its practical application to happiness.

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Youth Program 2014

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24th January Youth Program for 2014 student registration is open and we invite students to register their interest.

Weekly Class details :
When: Every second Thursdays, 7.30pm to 9.00pm.
Where:Conference Room, 179 Wilson Road, Green Valley, NSW 2168.
Pre-requisites: bring your English/Hindi Gita Press Edition of Ramayan and Gita.
Costs: free.
Teacher: Archarya Rajan Sharma

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RCMI 2014 New Year Pooja at Shree Ram Krishna Temple

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RCMI family (current members and former students, public well wishers) together with Guru Mata Srimati Pdt Kashyap did a Shree Ram Puja, Ramayan, havan and provided mahaprasad to attendees to seek Lord Ram's blessing and guidance for a successful 2014. This was a momentous occasion as the knowledge sharing "fire" was started in Sep 1994, 19 years ago in Sydney and is still continuing to burn.

Pooja and havan was beautifully conducted by head priest Pdt KP Sharma with mukh srotha Guru Mata and Mr & Mrs President Bob Vireshwar Adhar representing entire RCMI family since its 1994 inception.

Archarya Rajan Sharma provided a Ramayan discourse (Uttar Kanda, Doha 121) on 7 important questions and answers for human life. The shared details, depth and application to current life was well appreciated by the audience. In line with proper tradition RCMI offered siddha to Pdt KP Sharma and Archarya Rajan Sharma, made gupt donations and provided a sumptuous lunch for all attendees.

It was particularly nice to see three of the students from the 1st ever class held on 18th September, 1994 in Erskine Park. The 1st students shared insight about their first class conducted by Late Pdt Vishnu Prasad on Doha 1, Kiskinda Kand and havan pronounciation. Students from 1st class who attended the 2014 pooja were Sant Kamal Ratan, Pdt Paul Paras Ram and Dr Ram Singh and they vividly remember " आगें चले बहुरि रघुराया। रिष्यमूक परवत निअराया।।. ".

RCMI's President Bob Vireshwar Adhar re-iterated that Ramayan and Gita's correct interpretation is important as it results in maximum benefit to all of us. The more we read and interpret correctly the more we will gain from its knowledge base. Through quality sath sung such as Archarya, pundits and sants as offered at RCMI every wed one is able to easily weave through the "jungle" of proper and correct knowledge to acquire.

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Ramayan Prachar at Shree Ram Krishna Temple

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At SSDS invitation RCMI conducted a public Ramayan discourse at Shre Ram Krishna temple. The pracharak was Sri Chandra Kishore who spoke eloquently on "Ravaan and Anghad samvaad" as per Doha's 21 to 25 of Lanka Kand. Youth students Nimita, Yogeeta and Sristi participated by reciting the Ramayan versus.

The session was attended by approximately 150 people and was well accepted by the general public.

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You Are The Light

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Tat tvamasi (You are that)- You are the light! You are divine! This was the message when Sydney’s RamcharitmanasInstitute celebrated Diwali with a joyous, colourful cultural evening enjoyed by more than 200 guests in Wilson Road, Greenvalley this week.

The evening’s chief guest Acharya Rajan Sharma who is also a Gita/Yoga teacher emphasised the need to awaken the divinity within us.   “We are divine and we need to light the lamp of knowledge within us.

”Our prayer to Devi Lakshmi on Diwali should be to bless us with true knowledge".

“Rama’s victorious return, Krishna's victory over Narakaasura and Laxmi’s rescue from King Bali are just some of the reasons for celebrating Diwali” he said. The festival of lights by different names is celebrated in many countries for various reasons but they all reflect the need to go within and light the inner lamp of love, service and knowledge within all of us. We all have a light inside that can push back a bit of the world's darkness. “This Diwali let us have our inner lamp burn brighter with the light of knowledge.” 

Acharya also stressed how a small light lit by the Institute’s founder Late Pundit Vishnu Prasad Kashyap has lit up so many lights including its many student youths. 

Pundit KP Sharma led the aarti while local singers Naressa Naiker, Satendra Prasad and Ramesh Singh with their friends entertained the crowd with a variety of Diwali melodies. Guests were also invited to join the Dandia raasdancers with their colourful sticks and glittering costumes.

Ladies shared latest Diwali recipes while the senior gents congregated round the usual talanoa (chat) around the Fiji kava bowl sharing their frustrations of the extreme dry Sydney spring which is making gardening a mammoth task with crops needing constant watering to survive.  

While children charged for the many varieties of home made Diwali confectionaries and savouries, sumptuous variety Diwali dinner was also served.

The ladies had an opportunity to see the latest Indian Bollywood dazzling dress styles on display. There were lots of well wishes and photo taking sessions on smartphones.

Institutes President Bob Vireshwar Adhar thanking the audience welcomed them to join in the Institute’s free Wednesday night Ramayan, Gita and yoga classes and fortnightly youths classes. Youth’s enrolment for next year begins this month. Seniors over 65 years are also encouraged to attend the free classes 

Enrollment for next year begins this month.

Happy Diwali!

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