Sri Ramcharitmanas Institute was started in 1998 to teach Australians Ramcharitmanas Ramayan teachings for the betterment of the community. This was started by visionary Pundit Vishnu Prasad Kashyap who sadly passed away in Sep 2010. The vision of the founder of helping people through knowledge transfer is very much the core of today’s teachings which is continuing to be shared through weekly classes in Ramayan, Gita and Yoga.

The classes are open to all who are genuinely interested in learning about our vedic teachings and its practical application today for the betterment of self, own family and then others in the community. We welcome you to attend a few Wednesday and Thursday classes to better understand what we do.


Youth Program 2014

The 24th January Youth Program for 2014 student registration is open and we invite students to register their interest.


RCMI Youth First Public Ramayan

The RCMI youth conducted their first ever public Ramayan discourse at Shree Ram Krishna temple.


RCMI 2014 New Year Pooja

Pooja and havan was beautifully conducted by head priest Pdt KP Sharma with mukh srotha Guru Mata and Mr & Mrs President Bob Vireshwar Adhar representing entire RCMI family since its 1994 inception.



No events


Message from the President


I am greatly privileged to be given the opportunity to serve our community. As an executive in the IT Industry I very much believe in our vedic teachings and practical applications to our modern and fast paced  life in Australia.

In suburbs of metropolitan Sydney we have seen many Indian families from all over the world making a living. 

There are many happy and successful families but sadly over time we are noticing erosion of family, cultural and religious values. To make matters worse we are seeing traditional values mis-understood or those community leaders empowered to help but unable to help due to not having basic skills in traditional values themselves and as such ending up making the situations worse.

RCMI have a vision that our lives could be greatly enriched if the principles of Ramcharitmanas is explained in as simple language as possible and relevant to today’s situations so that any Australian willing to learn could understand the basic teachings.