Message from the President


I am greatly privileged to be given the opportunity to serve our community. As an executive in the IT Industry I very much believe in our vedic teachings and practical applications to our modern and fast paced  life in Australia.

In suburbs of metropolitan Sydney we have seen many Indian families from all over the world making a living. 

There are many happy and successful families but sadly over time we are noticing erosion of family, cultural and religious values. To make matters worse we are seeing traditional values mis-understood or those community leaders empowered to help but unable to help due to not having basic skills in traditional values themselves and as such ending up making the situations worse.

RCMI have a vision that our lives could be greatly enriched if the principles of Ramcharitmanas is explained in as simple language as possible and relevant to today’s situations so that any Australian willing to learn could understand the basic teachings. 

Lack of Knowledge or ‘agyanta” is the root of all evils and to that end we felt helping individuals and community leaders is the first important step. The skills taught and depth of knowledge acquired through research and formal classes in Ramcharitmanas Ramayan, Bhagvat Gita, other aras grants as well as regular satsungs has guided us naturally to do something for the community. RCMI as a result is providing a platform to share the Ramcharitmanas teachings in it’s orginal life long examples of human problems and how people have gone about solving them. In fact the same problems exists today and surprisingly applying the principles can immediately solve the most complex human problems with relative ease.

We need more qualified and experienced vedic teachers, more community members and funds to take the idea forward to all over Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, India, USA, Canada, UK, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of the world. The community sees the values and are taking the challenge to help themselves and everybody around them. 

The Vedic teachings are spread across the Aras granth consisting of 18 purans, 11 Upnisads, 6 Darshans, 4 Vedas, Ramayan, Gita and Mahabharath. The depth and breadth of Hindu treasures are hidden and for those who try to uncover the teachings shall reap the treasures.

We look forward to your support and meeting you in our weekly Satsungs.

Vireshwar Bob Adhar
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+614 18 226 234