Sri Ramcharitmanas Institute was started in 1998 to teach Australians Ramcharitmanas Ramayan teachings for the betterment of the community. This was started by visionary Pundit Vishnu Prasad Kashyap who sadly passed away in Sep 2010. The vision of the founder of helping people through knowledge transfer is very much the core of today’s teachings which is continuing to be shared through weekly classes.

The course contents of Ramcharitmanas Ramayan and Bagwat Gita continues to expand and it is hoped one day will include teachings of other aras granth such as Shiv Puran, Markandya Puran, Vishnu Puran, Mahabharat, etc. Hawan mantras and Hawan procedures, Puja Vidhi, singing of Ramayan sloks, dohas, bhajans and kirtans and teaching of playing instruments are a regular event. The courses continue to expand as community's thirst for vedic knowledge grows and qualified teachers become available and willing to share knowledge.

Sri Ramchartimanas Institute’s main aim is to impart correct vedic teachings to individuals so as to empower them in such a way that they in turn improve themselves, their immediate families, their immediate friends and relatives and the community around them. The institute is run as a "not for profit organisation" and is managed through generous contributions from members, sponsors, government and community at large.

The institute belongs to you, the community, and we welcome you to exert yourself in ways you see ethically and in accordance with proper vedic ways of achieving our common goals of imparting and empowering knowledge to people desiring to learn so that our community overall benefits.