About the Courses

If you are really interested in learning our vedic teachings then there are no forms to fill. All you have to do is attend our weekly sessions and see if you like the classes. If you do then forms will be provided to become a regular student.

You are most welcome to contact any of the management team to discuss details via phone or email. Please note that our aim is to offer knowledge for the betterment of the community through the enpowerment of vedic knowledge at a medium that is easily understood in today's language and daily life applications.

The Ramcharitmanas Institute runs classes for youth and adults as per accepted vedic guidelines within the context of agreed Aras Granth.

The Aras Granths consist of:

1) 18 Puraans (Maha Puraan)

2) 11 Upanishads

3) 6 Darshans

4) 4 Vedas

5) Ramayan 

6) Mahabharat

7) Gita

These vedic teachings are complimented with all rounded skills development in areas of public speaking, playing musical instruments, singing, language, mantra pronounciation yoga and hawan.

The 18 Maha Puraans are:

1) Vishnu Puraa

2) Bhagavat Maha

3) Narad

4) Garuda

5) Padma

6) Varah

7) Brahmand

8) Brahma

9) Vaivata

10) Markandeya

11) Bhavishya

12) Vaman

13) Matsya

14) Kurma

15) Ling

16) Shiva

17) Skanda

18) Agni

The 11 Upanishads are:

1) Ish Upan

2) Ken

3) Kath

4) Prashna

5) Mundak 

6) Mandukya

7) Suetaswat

8) Aitareya

9) Brihadaranyaka

10) Etraiya

11) Tetriya


The 6 Darshans are:

1) Nyaya

2) Vendenta

3) Sankhya

4) Yog

5) Vayshshik

6) Purva

 The 4 Vedas are:

1) Rigveda

2) Samaveda

3) Yajurveda

4) Atharveda

Initially the classes are offerred for Ramcharitmanas (Ramayan) and Bhagvat Gita. It is hoped over time more volunteer teachers will be available with skills in each area to cater for growing demands in remaining Aras Granth.